Snak, a folding table that doesn’t use connections

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet Gunnar Sören in Cologne, Germany. I was at a design fair and I saw his project Snak while walking through the halls. At first glance I thought: What the hell should have this table to be different?


I decided to ask him about Snak, its folding camping table for 6 or 8 people. Snak consists of a plastic sheet and two “groups” of legs, each group consisting of three sticks. It has no connections and doens’t required tools.

Snak, an easy to assemble and smart camping table


The plastic sheet is the table board. Its dimensions are 175 cm long and 75 cm wide. Thanks to its milled lines, the board can be folded in order to reduce its size to 100 cm long and 50 cm wide, perfect to be transported without any problem.



The tension produced by the sheets in the snak’s plastic board is reinforced with the legs. The legs are inserted into small slots and are fixed on the board without using connectors.


Despite its lightweight the table is stable and supports weights up to 80 kg. Snak can combine its board with wooden legs or aluminum legs, which reduces the weight of the table and resist better on the outside.

snak_table_07 snak_table_04

The Snak table also serves to play table tennis. One of the milled table slots serves as a guide for the table tennis net. A perfect furniture for the camping and the family entertainment.