Sommarhaus Sandby by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur


Nestled within a shady pine forest is the Sommarhaus Sandby by Swedish architects, Johan Sundberg Arkitektur. The surrounding forest provides an emanating calm, as it offers protection against the winds of the Scanian fields, as well as the shade from the summer sun. The calming background of the ever-present sea provides an ever-changing musical score, as it offers a place for relaxation and recreation.


The Sommarhaus Sandby and its garden are designed for its family of 4; it provides a sanctuary for the couple with two children to spend their summers. The living space is 167m2 and it is divided between two levels. On the upper level are the children’s bedrooms, which can be rearranged to provide three rooms. Furthermore, there is a common room and a shared bathroom.


Sommarhaus Sandby is the perfect holiday home that is a modern readaptation of traditional barn-style dwellings of the past.


All the upper rooms of the Sommarhaus Sandby have skylights. The master bedroom and bathroom are all located on the ground floor, as well as a generously spacious eat-in kitchen and a full ceiling height living room, which can be opened up to a wooden deck and garden.


The façades are all clad with a standing panel, and with a customized profile that is, like the wooden deck and pergola, made from Siberian larch that’s treated with a silicon-based sealant. The roof is clad with an overlapping panel, also in Siberian larch.


The overall character of the Sommarhaus Sandby is in dialogue with the traditionally built surrounding rural dwellings. With its wood-clad façades and roof, its materiality is more closed reminiscent of barn-style dwellings of the past, than to the conventional Scanian farmhouses. Given this classic design, the house unmistakably presents a contemporary and modern aesthetic.