SP House by Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco


The recently completed SP House in Salir do Porto, in Portugal is a unique minimalist residence by the Portuguese firm, Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco. The house is located within the urban area of the small village of Salir do Porto, and just 2km away from the mesmerizing Bay of São Martinho do Porto. It sits just between the urban area that defines the village, and the orchards towards the south.


The project’s site itself is spread across a sloped field with a height difference of 3 meters. The main intention for this project was the maintain the terrain as it is, whilst adapting the two-story house, which consequently was split into four volumes (one on the upper level and three on the lower level). Defined by the shape and position of its lower levels, two exterior living areas incorporate the swimming pool on the south side, with a pre-existing well on the north side.


SP House is an innovative and minimalist house that sits within an urban area in small village in Portugal


It was intended for the SP House to maintain its natural slope, which necessitated a unique entry, which was resolved by incorporating a bridge that provides access from the street directly to the upper level. This is the main level of the house, with a living room and kitchen space connected to the landscape by a terrace.


On the lower level of the SP House, a second living room and garage create an intimate relation between the interior and exterior living spaces. This relation is highlighted in two other areas of the house, where two zenith lights emphasize and brightly illuminate the main stairs and the north patio.


All the photographs belong to Gonçalo Duarte Pacheco.