Space lab: research, light and architecture

Space_lab_more_with_less_02Kohki hiranuma architect & associates co. finished the Space lab project for the university of Tokyo in 2008. Space lab holds a lot of research work behind its name, responding not only to a problem of wasted materials in construction but also to issues related to the bound between the environment and the human being, material properties, and construction technics. 
Space_lab_more_with_less_04In Space lab lighting is generating the communication link, it is actually a constructive gap, visual changing signs showing the relevance of movement and time trough daylight during the different seasons.

“The shafts of the sunlight coming through the gaps between the stacked wood modularized in 90mm throughout the walls and roof, achieves space of varying expression.”

Space_lab_more_with_less_06Four modular pieces, 3 from thinned wood and 1 from air (the gaps), give to Space lab its shape and enhance its flexible character in the visual and tactile field.
Space_lab_more_with_less_03Space_lab_more_with_less_07The modelling and process of Space lab are exquisite in detailing the project and the human interaction.
Space_lab_more_with_less_01Space_lab_more_with_less_08Photos by shigeta satoshi / nacasa & partners inc