Spine, a bowl dancer in imbalance


Spine is a bowl designed by Rémi Casado, a young french designer. A bowl of porcelain made in collaboration with Marlène Rifford of Atelier 1280.

Spine, a dance between container and content.spine_04

Rémi Casado propound this bowl like an experimentation of forms and movement, that complements with the compositions of it’s content. A dance between container and content that want to become a spinning top. A game where the bowl want to spin and the content want to unbalance, generating movement with a beautiful and a soft swing.
spine_09Spine want to differentiates of the rest of the bowls with it’s dinamism and the interaction with it’s content. Spine depends entirely on it’s content to be able to spin and dance. There is almost a symbiotic relationship between content and container.
spine_08With a material such delicate like porcelain, Rémi Casado want to give lightness to this bowl to be able to express more freely it’s movements in a poetic way. At the same time it’s finish matt, non lacquered, offering the prominence to the highlights the colour and the brightness of the content.
spine_13Everybody alert when a bowl is on the verge of falling down and spilt it content over the table or the floor. But with Spine that fear become in a beautiful experience when you see the bowl dancing.