Spiritual House, Tanghan China

This spiritual house in Tangshan, China is the perfect example of Zen architecture and of how the right materials and emplacement of a building can create a relationship between architecture and nature. 


The project was developed by the design and architecture firm  Archstudio, which was stablished in 2010 and its director is Han Wenqiang.

The interior of the building is majestic, the exterior, do to the terrain where it is built causes a lot of joy to the people who visit it. 

The most valued architectonical element of the spiritual house are the trees, who play an important role in the serenity and calmness of the spiritual house.


The spiritual house has an interesting typology, because it seems like the house is engraved in the mountain but at the same time it looks like if its being borned from it, like a magical appearance of architecture. 

The white lines, the glass, concrete engraved from wood and the trees, make this a very Zen place.

spiritual-house-Retreat-in-Tangshan-more-with-less-03It has almost 500 sq meters distributed in a single floor plan, which mix up with nature and work with the location of the building, making this spiritual house a very special place. 


This spiritual house in Tangshan , China is not only an example of how architecture must embrace nature, but in the moment of the design, they didn’t just leave the space for the existing trees, but they worked on making them part of the project and embracing each and everyone of them. 


Interior spaces are perfectly well stablished, with grey tones, and undertones. Which go well with the materials and the colors of the spiritual house. The furniture and every single piece from the house, evoques and resembles the calmness and freedom that the house is supposed to transmit. 


Structure of the house is divided in five parts, the entry, the meditation zone, de tea room , lounge and bathrooms, all divided by courtyards where the trees are. 


The materiality of the building is the best feature, the white pebbles in the courtyards, the concrete, wood, furniture, and the lights give this space the feeling of calmness and freedom it needs. 

Photography by: Tuija Seipell