Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex by Alberto Campo Baeza

The Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex designed by the architect Alberto Campo Baeza for the University Francisco de Vitoria, is located inside the university campus, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid. The building has sports courts, swimming pools, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, gym and other auxiliary units. The whole program is collected within a construction of great sobriety and formal containment.


The architecture adapts to the general management of the campus, in terms of heights and alignments. The Sports Pavilion and Classroom are understood as two constructions differentiated in both volume and materiality. The main piece, 60x50x12m, contains the sports area and is a large light box. This box generates the relationships between the central square of the campus and the building itself. On the other hand, a much more opaque box contains the classrooms.


The Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex defines two clean boxes that are sewn together through a lower body of a plant. The space between both serves as an entrance to the building and its roof as an outer patio of interrelation.


The Sports Pavilion is considered as a light piece, with translucent glass enclosures and lightened GRC concrete panel. In this volume the orientations are valued and differentiated, being the south zone, more exposed to the sun, the more closed part. In contrast, the south-west area opens its ground floor with transparent glass to enhance the relationship with the central square. The Classroom Complex stands as a backdrop for the whole.


In the Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex, Campo Baeza projects not only a light box, but a skin that interacts with light and with people


The structure of the pavilion is in steel: a grid of pillars and beams on the facades and trusses to resolve the great roof span. All painted in white. The remainder of the structure is in reinforced concrete, with the unique feature of wide angled beams over the basement swimming-pool area.


The program of the Sport Pavilion and Classroom Complex is defined in three areas: the ground floor access to both volumes, on the one hand to the sports courts and on the other to the classroom building; two upper floors only present in the classroom complex; and the semi-basement that contains a complete plant dedicated to gymnastics, swimming pool and other physical activities.



Photographs by Javier Callejas.