Stable Acre by David Kohn


Stable Acre, Norfolk, United Kingdom, becomes a rehabilitation project where nothing is impossible. The idea of transforming a nineteenth century ruined barn, serves as the basis for this David kohn house, which interiors are an harmonious combination between old and new. David Kohn has been RIBA Regional Award winner, 2012 and the practice was awarded Building Design magazine’s ‘One-Off House Architect of the Year 2010’.




The building retains its long narrow plan and is divided equally into living and sleeping quarters, each room in “Stable Acre” opening directly onto the south-facing garden and views across the landscape.


The focus of “Stable Acre” is a large tent-like living room with continuous glazing to the garden and distant view.

A large fireplace and entrance hall bookend the room and support the pitched roof structure. The glazing and entrance hall can be completely opened up in good weather, allowing the space to feel like a pavilion in the landscape.


“Stable Acre” a contextual architecture that feels contemporary and light

The building is made of simple materials all found locally — profiled metal roofing, painted brick walls, timber cladding. However, careful attention has been paid to making the junctions between each building element as fine as possible.


“Stable Acre”, a space where each room has specific light and relationship to outdoors.”An Architecture is just a means to create Time. Not thinking about the form as an object, but thinking about the form as making Time”, says David Kohn