Steel Stool, versatile stool to sit down and save things

Steel Stool is a multifunctional stool designed by Noon Studio. This studio has the headquarters in London and Avignon. Created by Gautier Pelegrin and Vicent Tainan. Pelegrin, as a product designer, has worked in different fields of the design and also in another kind of projects related with art, or other fields. Tainan, as a graphic designer and photographer, has worked also in different projects on it’s field. And at the same time he works as a teacher and he keeps working as a photographer.



Thanks to this two points of view completely different, but at the same time complementary, they try to create a new approach of the furniture design. They achieve this way a relation between objects, people and spaces, with the philosophy of using honest materials with a simplicity in the execution. In this way, they produce where they sell, and they produce what they need.



With all this features it’s born Steel Stool. In this way it’s seek to express all the simplicity of the traditional ancient Provençal furniture and the British’s crafts. The main characteristic of this stool is that they can use it as a seat as a shelf to save things, inter alia. This, is allowed thanks to the diagonals of the structure and the stability that they give.



Thanks at its inner distribution, Steel Stool allows to be overlaid between them, creating a shelf, or just as a side table, or as a stool



On the other hand, working with the philosophy of everything explained. Steel Stool it’s built without any kind of screw or glue. It can also be used, further as a support for some books or as a shelving system. The general form of this furniture, is squared. It’s made in a way that can be very playful depending on the way it’s placed. So, it has also more than one possible position.



The main materials is a steel plate coated of epoxy powder, and oiled ash wood. With this two materials, and with the fold and the compositions, it’s created Steel Stool. A stool very resistant, and at the same time with spaces to save different things.