A steel warehouse in Guimarães

This steel warehouse project, work of the Portuguese architecture studio, Martins Architecture Office, M-AO, is located in Guimarães, in northern Portugal.

The place where the steel warehouse project is located is a dispersed territory, in the Vale do Ave region, a region that has suffered turbulence over the decades, leaving socio-economic and spatial marks.

Regarding this urban mess that is imperfect and unstable, the envelope proposes a reflective cover that tries to act as a framework of its own condition.

The envelope of the steel warehouse building proposes a reflective cover made to act as a frame that creates a new atmosphere in this chaotic suburban area.

When the project is placed as a regular box standing in an open field facing East, the building wants to generate its own nature related to a green corner as an idyllic approach.

Photography: NUDO