Stendhal Magazine talking about Art

Stendhal Magazine is a project designed by Josep Puy, which in this last Laus edition he won the bronze award for two of the projects he presented. Stendhal Magazine and The Antwerp Six. Revolution. Both publications were conceived in the Master’s degree in graphic design at Elisava, Barcelona.



Stendhal is a contemporary art magazine. Each publication focuses on discussing and exposing a particular topic through different artworks and artists of this artistic line. The magazine contains a small publication named Stendhal Documents that works as an annex and extends information about the artists, exhibitions, bibliographies… In order to have a deeper view about the topic.



“Stendhal” is not an aleatory name, the concept dates back in the earliest XIX century when for the first time is given a detailed description of this illness, the Stendhal syndrome. Stendhal syndrome is a psychosomatic distorted that causes dizziness, confusion and high cardiac rhythms caused when the subject is exposed to artworks especially beautiful or exhibit in large numbers in the same space.

The syndrome is named after the writer Henri Beyle, known by his pseudonym Stendhal, experienced this disorder during a visit to the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence.


Layout is based on the experience of Stendhal syndrome.


The layout is based on a construction of dense typographic pages. Even so, there is a strong contrast between pages, usually when in a page abounds text the opposite one is composed of one or several simple and direct images. Most of the pictures follow a neutral and none bright colours palette. Instead, in the annex, Josep Puy uses black and white tones.

The designer for a clear layout uses white spaces as another element to structure the graphical composition on pages.



Stendhal syndrome became a reaction for romantic authors to express strength, emotion, freedom and imagination in Art.