Studio Maio, an architecture office in Barcelona

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Studio Maio is located in the neighborhood of Gracia in Barcelona, ​​a place known for the presence of designers, art galleries and professional lovers of architectural sensitivity. Maio architects rehabilitate an old catalan laundry to become his new workspace. It is ambitious project which with they will live, create, design and give free rein to their imagination in their office hours.Studio Maio (4)

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The architects Anna and Guillermo take action subtly but with a decisive gesture. Studio Maio was a 40 meters deep, dark, sad and desolate space. That’s when they decide to open a patio, let the light flow and connect the interior ambiences.

Studio Maio awaking the imagination

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The patio is conceived as an outdoor room, leaving a perimeter corridor that connects the entrance gallery and an office in the quieter side. Thus, the public exhibitions and events have their own space related to the street. And, the office with this big table of 12 meters appears as a welcoming, friendly and ideal space to display a paper, take a pencil and project.

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Studio Maio is a place that reveals memories of the old laundry, that carefully paints the white bricks of Gracia and introduces a light and soft wood calming the atmosphere. The studio devises to combat the harsh life of an architect and turn it into a small and lovely light.


Photography by Jose Hevia