Submit your best design to A Design Award Competition

A Design Award is about to close its doors and start the selection process of the best projects of 2016. ¿Would you like to take part in it? This kind of competitions open doors for us and they allow us to be visible for people who we will not be visible otherwise. A Design Award guarantee recognition and it spreads your work through all the different countries it reachs. They award winners with a Trophy, in addition to a certificate for winners and participants, the winner designs are included in a yearbook and also in the World Design Ranking and they give you the option to sell your design. You can find all the benefits of taking part in this competition here.

Enter your design here.



Read more about Le Cube Sofa by Rob Van Puijenbroek here

A Design Award includes an endless array of different categories where you can participate: Architecture, Product, Graphic Design, Interior and exhibition space design, Furniture and decorative items, Lighting Product Design, Photography… Here you can find the 100 main categories in A Design Awards.


Read more about Artificial Topography Art Installation by Ryumei Fujiki here

The jury of this competition is made up of 70 member, from sector professionals and academics to press members, this professionals provide their knowledge base and insight to evaluate the submitted entries. The jury criteria is clear you can find it here.


Read more about Leuven by Wonchan Lee from minimalist here

You are in time to submit your project, you have time till 28 February and then the jury will start with the selection process to announce winners. On 15 April we will inform you with the list of winners of this year. Nominate your project here or learn more about this competition here.