Summer apartment in a castle near Berlin

apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-1 copiaThis project of a summer apartment, the work of the Loft Studio Kolasiński, is located within the complex of a castle in a suburb of Berlin and is surrounded by a lot of forests, used especially in summer for weddings and special family celebrations.

apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-22 copiaFor the execution of this apartment, all the rooms underwent a general renovation.
apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-15 copia

apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-18 copia

apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-11 copiaBefore starting work, a large amount of debris and dirt had to be removed from the rooms and the walls required a series of concrete restorations.
The floor was made of loam, so the brick and boards were relocated throughout the area.
apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-20 copiaThe idea of the interior of the summer apartment is based on the ancient Mediterranean architecture, while the equipment and furniture are extravagant, mysterious and elegant.
apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-5 copiaThe kitchen is simple, cozy and country style. Furniture, lamps and accessories have been completed for several years by designers thanks to contacts with collectors and distributors. In many cases, they have been completely restored.
apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-3 copiaThe designer Jacek Kolaninski is particularly pleased with the fact that most furniture, lamps and carpets come from Poland.
The interesting thing in the summer apartment is the ability to integrate the new and the old by means of select pieces of furniture within a historical framework such as this castle.
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Many of these items are unique (some were even made a long time ago to measure). The furniture also includes Czech and Danish pieces from the 50s and 60s, as well as pieces designed by the studio itself and made in Poland.
apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-23 copiaThe materiality of the summer apartment contrasts with the walls of white lime, floors of both wood and ceramic pieces and ceilings in which you can appreciate the old vaults made with solid brick.

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apartamento-de-verano-summer-residence-more-with-less-revista-rehabilitacion-arquitectura-contemporánea-26The light floods each of the rooms bouncing off the white walls, offering a greater breadth and respecting the historical character of the place.
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Photography: hiepler, brunier,