Summer house for 3 families

Summerhouse for 3 families, is a project of the architect David Sebastian, located in a small town of Teruel.

It is a place where you can take shelter from the heat of August, built on a very low budget and in different phases.

Built in a period of 3 springs, the project can be considered as having slow cooking.

It is implanted on what was a barn of hay, where the old stone walls and the wooden beams are rescued to incorporate them and give them a new life.

Its geometry determines the inclination of the roof and the dimensions of the interior patio.

In summerhouse for 3 families, the encounter between the materials of the place with the reuse of local materials, mark an integrated architecture with the existing without losing its own essence.

The house for the summer of 3 families is located on the edge of the village and the orchards, presenting a U shape.

The views ignore the neighboring houses in favor of the fields and generate a patio.

The sloping roof covers the entire house and turned the patio into an “interior volume”, which remains protected and shaded.

The patio is the heart of the house, a place with many uses. It’s access to common areas and all three rooms, like a motel.

The most common materials used in the house for the summer are located in the area where the project is located, these are ceramics, wood and concrete.

Any old material found in the barn is widely reused.

Mainly the old carpentry found in neighboring houses that have been demolished, are incorporated into the project of the summerhouse for 3 families.

The constant presence of the architect in the site, as well as the rhythm of intermittent work is crucial in the final result of the project.

They allow changes, improvisation, experimentation … and play with the logical memory of Alvar Aalto and his Summerhouse in Muuratsalo.

Photography: Adrià Goula | Jordi Salinas