Susaloon, an all-in-one space by Elii

One space, many spaces. As if it were a theatre’s black box, this minimal apartment in Madrid turns into a versatile dispositive that transforms Susana’s living room into a little domestic theatre where she can lives in a different scenario depending on the moment. Susaloon allows domestic space to change with its inhabitant, adapting to her day to day needs.

susaloon 02

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The Spanish architecture studio Elii designed Susaloon based on three simple strategies. By an architectural acupuncture intervention, certain domestic elements were relocated in order to reorganize and optimize the distribution and organization of the spaces. The existent wall partitions, which detracted spatial value, were also eliminated, allowing the entrance of natural light. Susaloon results in a unique central polyvalent room; a flexible and customizable space opened to the views of the city of Madrid.

Susaloon works as a utility knife: a compact element that allows to deploy different configurations suitable to day to day life

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Thanks to the integration of a series of foldable, hinged and moving devices, Susaloon appears as a scenario full of possibilities, allowing the eventual division of different ambiances, deploy a work space or a large dining table as well as a bed for unexpected visits. It also helps to reorganize storage or even remain as a diaphanous space to practice shiatsu. Susaloon eliminates the rigidity imposed by the spatial configuration of small apartments, reinventing architecture to make it compliant to current lifestyles in a practical and flexible way.

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susaloon 08 2015_04_28_ISO_SUSALOON


Photos and film by Miguel de Guzmán 

All images courtesy of elii