Svobodova chair, sit and feel free

Svobodova chair, is a project by Daniela Svobodova. Designer from Czech Republic, she is a student of furniture and interior design at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. During these formative years, projects from Daniela Svobodova has been recognized with different nominations. As national price as Czech students or Giebichenstein designprice.



Svobodova chair, is a chair with large dimensions, with a height of 2 meters above the ground. The idea of developing a chair with these dimensions arises two contradictory concepts. On the one hand, we may find that this kind of chair isolates you from the gound, thus gives you some privacy and peace of mind. Helping to disconnect from day to day.

Svobodova chair, a symbiosis of feelings in one product.

But in contrast to this first idea of tranquility, be some distance from the ground gives the user the feeling of danger and nervousness, arousing the concept of adrenaline.


Aesthetically the design of this product can associate the surveillance chairs used at the beach. And also those used by the referees of some sports. But it’s just a coincidence by the dimensions of the product, since its functionality is totally opposite. Daniella Svobodova designed this chair for the sole purpose of the user relax and enjoy your thoughts, thanks to the tranquility that is achieved at a couple of meters.


Svobodova chair, has a large structure made of welded metal tubes. In the front we find a larger number of tubes, making the staircase function so that the user can climb to the top.  To recline down and give great comfort the designer has used a textile material, and finally a number of wooden slats as a footrest.


The chair is called, “The bearable Lightness of lying ”. Inspired by a philosophical novel by Czech writer: Milan Kundera.



Photographs taken by Tomas Lewandovski.