Szklarnia by Hanczarstudio

Szklarnia is the project carried out by Hanczarstudio and awarded by the International Lighting Design Award, in the category of “Light Art Project” in 2017. The Polish Design Team of Hanczarstudio, formed by Szymon Hanczar, Magdalena Kasprzyca and Przemysław Słowik, created by first time this space for an exhibition called “Plantation” by Alicja Patanowska at the New Horizons cinema in Wrocław, between 2016 and 2017.


The exhibition that gave rise to Szklarnia, “Plantation”, was a set of ceramic forms manufactured for hydroponic cultivation, that is, for the cultivation without soil, based on obtaining nutrients through mineral solutions.


The objective of the project was to emphasize the small objects presented in ceramic forms with plants in germination. The element was a light shelf with light in its interior so that when placing containers with water and plants on them the system of roots of the plants and therefore the whole object illuminated.


Szklarnia is a light architecture, showing hydroponics under the greenhouse archetype


Szklarnia are summarized in a recognizable form in the common imaginary, a greenhouse. It is built as an elevated platform and a metallic structure in white, which gives the exterior shape. The coating is a corrugated sheet of plastic that allows the semitransparency of the greenhouses. Within this space is the exhibition area.


The whole construction becomes a large lantern that emits light. A volume of simple shape that is illuminated by the system of shelves, making the exposed product shine.


Photography by Pion Studio.