Tangent House by Ruben Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura


Tangent House is a unique residence by Ruben Muedra Estudio de Arquitectura located near Valencia and next to a calm and beautiful environment populated with gardens and a golf course. The residence features a unique geometrical and formal rotundity that is marked with an aesthetic character and pursues the greatest possible relationship with the natural environment.


Tangent House is composed of a series of tangent volumes that slide relatively to each other, giving rise to the best possible views from all of them. Each of these volumes, which also have varying heights, are delimited by two walls of concrete in titanium gray in the longitudinal direction, and by large glazing along in the transversal direction. By doing so, there is a necessary opacity and privacy generated to the neighboring plots, while the view towards the gardens and golf course is facilitated. This presents a clear contrast between the concrete as a solid and heavy element, and the glazing as the permeable and light element.



Tangent House is a unique residence that is composed of a series of tangent volumes and contrasting elements



Each block corresponds to a specific use of the program, appropriating the contiguous external space for continuity and generating strong relationships between the tangent inner spaces. Each block and each use  will have different heights in correspondence with the program and the surface served. On the outside, in addition to the porch and pool as the sixth and seventh blocks, there is also an extension to the home.


The program of uses, which has clearly differentiated levels, has a basement with parking and leisure areas and is naturally lit by a large patio tangent to the third volume. The ground floor of the Tangent House has a service area in the first block, a hall in the second, a kitchen in the third, a dining room in the fourth, and a living a room in the fifth; all of them being open spaces, tangents and with different height. Furthermore, it features a porch with a cantilever in double direction and pool tangent to the porch. Along the second floor, there is a sleeping area with bedrooms in the first volume, a double height distributor in the second, a master bedroom in the third, and a terrace in the fourth.

The landscaped exteriors, with their titanium grey concrete walls and large black aluminum glazing, are contrasted with the subtlety and warmth of its interior, which features natural oak flooring, vertical white paneling, and white roofs. In the centre of the house, next to the double height entrance hall, the stairway is developed.

All the photos belong to Adrian Mora Maroto.