Teatre Principal de Mallorca, reconstruction of a historical concept

Atlas is a design office whose own team has become a brand that works from offices in New York and Mallorca. To celebrate the decade of the reconstruction of the Teatre Principal building in Mallorca, they were asked to work with the realization of a new identity for this one.

Atlas has created a new corporate identity for the Teatre Principal de Mallorca

At Atlas they deliver creative thinking and a universal design perspective in a wide range of disciplines for clients of all kinds. They firmly believe in the transformative power of ideas if they are used intelligently and strategically to generate success in business. The study is led by the designers and founders of the brand, Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martín. His work, both individual and collective, has managed to reach highly valued positions in the design world, winning several awards recognized over the last two decades.

They are currently a team of 12. Your clients work directly with one of the partners and their stand-alone teams of designers and studio managers. This allows them to know all the projects with passion and personal participation. Its main objective is to create timeless and meaningful design solutions with true purpose and value, not just to do a job that looks good.

For the realization of the identity of the Teatre Principal, they have worked with the range of colors of the shield of Mallorca, but with a pastel tonality that incites to read it from a kinder tone, fun and relaxed.

In the parts where they show text, they have chosen to choose a typography of dry stick and large body for a high readability and visual impact. In addition, in the lists they show all the words divided by the half, so that only the top part of the word is seen but doing that it continues understanding the content. In the last word shown, the most important and must highlight, have left the entire structure to make it stand out from the rest.

Atlas imagines a better world through design. Through their courage, passion and imagination to turn ideas into action and the skills to make it happen have achieved a corporate identity that calls attention and invites you to visit the historic Teatre Principal.