Tendence 2018

With more than 20,000 visitors and around 1,100 exhibitors of international renown, Tendence is the most important fair in consumer products -equipment and home decoration (furniture, textiles, utensils…), gift items, jewelry and fashion-accessories, and this year 2018 has not been back. Moreover, Tendence is the best platform for products in the mid to upper market segment and is an inspiration for the buyers of the industry. This year, if something has made it clear the fair is that the consumer goods business is and will remain a business boost.

Located at Messe, district of Frankfurt, this singular fair has given room to 960 exhibitors, for four days, to inspire entrepreneurs to promote products, advertising customers and events at the point of sale. Fair trade helps meet their daily challenges of precisely and efficiently. An example of this is the proposal FORM, in Hall 9.0. the exhibition, which brings together the creative and aesthetic variety of crafts and industry, and from bright objects up to jewelry and devices – with all imaginable materials, such as wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, leather or textile materials.

In the field of the product design, proposals like Aromas del Campo, Zons, or more specific approaches as Chritsoph Weisshaar or Hübsch, they have been all a start-up value to design more accurate and relevant.

Ultimately, this Tendence 2018 not only has been a sunset about to all the issues raised in previous editions first and foremost, a platform for trade and retail of small and medium size surfaces of exposure with magnificent productions and with a really powerful program of activities, so position selectively their products and convert the purchase into a true experience. Tendence dares each year with a look at the nearest future, and is always able to see a little further than the others, and this year 2018 he has shown it again.