The Gift Hotel, a story

In order to launch their latest collection, Inditex group’s brand Massimo Dutti have turned to Barcelona-based agency Six N. Five, founded by young creative duo Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini and they created the Gift Hotel.

Massimo Dutti needed to solve a problem: Show 5 featured articles of their new collection: a pair of shoes, a backpack, cufflinks, a clutch and a briefcase.the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_1 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_3 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_2 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_4 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_5

The studio came up with the concept of The Gift Hotel, a place where while you enjoy walking across colorful and perfectly curated little halls, big restyled old buildings and artificial shopping sets.

Each one tells the story behind a Massimo Dutti article. Five videos at The Gift Hotel to show, during one week, a product a day.

the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_7 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_8 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_9 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_6 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_10 the_gift_hotel_sixnfive_more_with_less_magazine_11A pleasing and misterious jazz melody accompanies the launch of the products, showcased within bare, minimalist, geometrically outlined spaces. Soft, two-color pastel hues – perhaps a tribute to Wes Anderson’s imaginary– come to life through the presence of apparently alien objects, such as yoga balls and flying carpets, until other items eventually appear: shoes, bags and backpacks.

Animated and directed by Sebastian Baptista, the creators also show the developing process in a video where we see the original 3D model created for the different clips.

No human presence is visible – all the settings have been on the computer inspired by historic buildings and their memories.

A work that took three months to be accomplished, and was presented this summer, a movie at a time as mentioned before, in order to give the due importance to each new piece.

Photographies and videos courtesy of Six N. Five