“The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Alicia Peiró

The young photographer Alice Peiro Valencia pays tribute to director Wes Anderson in his series “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.


In “The Grand Budapest Hotel” Alice Peiro is inspired by Wes Anderson, director of American cinema.


“The next image”. This is how Henri Cartier-Bresson de ned the cinema some decades ago. According to that, cinema is always what comes after, beyond the projected image on the screen. In the opposite direction, could cinema be “the proceding image”, which inspire photographs in capturing the real? Not only photography exerts an in uence on cinema, but there is a reciprocal relationship between these two artistic expressions. Many photographers found inspiration in movies for making their catches, as happens in this project.



In this case, Alicia Peiró is inspired by Wes Anderson, an american lm director. You may have heard his name, since he is considered one of the greatest geniuses of cine- ma. It is almost impossible while you see his movies, not to suffer the “Sthendal syndrome”, this state of ecstasy experienced by some people who gaze at a beautiful work of art. His photographic eye leaves no one different: colors, characters, aesthetics…


In this work, there are no element that has been chosen randomly, considering the appellant perfectionism of Anderson. The camera writes stories inspired by his films, through images where symmetry and color gain special prominence in each one of them. Open your eyes, because the magic lies in the smallest details.