The Hut on Sleds by Crosson

The Hut on Sleds (5)

After a long journey, The Hut on Sleds rests on the spectacular coast of Coromandel, New Zealand. Crosson architects design this awesome cabin that blends with the horizon of white sand, the force of the sea and the wind rustling.

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The Hut on Sleds (4)

The Hut on Sleds, a wheeled trip to the horizon

The Hut on Sleds, a seemingly mute wooden box, opens its doors with a blow wheel and dumps its charms to the landscape. These fine, simple and elegant wooden slats expand and wrap sensations facing the sea. Best New Zealand views appear close at hand.

The Hut on Sleds (7)

The Hut on Sleds (8)

This shelter is distributed on two floors taking advantage of every corner. The Hut on Sleds is a source of ingenuity to organize space without forgetting the grace, design, comfort, simple and functional. This shelter is designed with basic elements in order to sit still and just enjoy the surroundings, its melody and its nature.

The Hut on Sleds (3)

The Hut on Sleds (11)

The Hut on Sleds (9)

The Hut on Sleds solves the interior partitions and furniture with different textures and colors of wood. The windows overlooking the horizon and visual outward leave anyone waiting. And the little touches like the skylight in the morning, a shower with views or a coffee with flavor of sea, rejoice living, holidays and feelings.

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The Hut on Sleds (2)

The small dimensions of space, quite the opposite to be a concern, become a cozy, nice and close result to share the best sunset. The Hut on sleds turns the wheel, lower windows and closes its wooden doors until next year.

Photography by Jackie Meiring & Simon Devitt