‘The Light Mountain’ by Ignacio Bandera

‘The Light Mountain’ by Ignacio Bandera is a vibrant photographic series where both saturation and composition play the main role in equal parts. 

The journey that the photographer proposes, guides us from industrial estates to corners of Berlin’s residential quarters. Along these captures, industry and decay are intermixed with life and movement, always full of color and light.

Taken in different locations, the series ‘The Light Mountain’ by Ignacio Bandera shows the typical plots resulting from the current postindustrial city.

What may at first appear to have a lack of aesthetics, however, becomes an essential resource in this series. The Chilean photographer based in Berlin manages to transmit in an exceptional way the peculiarity of these locations, of sober and simple architectures, taking advantage of his postmodern aesthetics.

The reflection of these postindustrial plots, with the sensation of being semi-abandoned, conveys a feeling of nostalgia as if each photograph were a timecapsule.

‘The Light Mountain’ by Ignacio Bandera portrays secondary scenes, urban corners that day-to-day go unnoticed: back doors or emergency exits, shopping centers open to the street, common spaces of residential buildings or containers.

The game made with the photo retouching floods our vision of pastel tones in careful approaches, generating minimalist scenographies. All this causes an impression, in turn, of being photographs taken in the Berlin of 1980.