The Merchant Home, the experience of each product

The Merchant Home is a company that is responsible for offering effective solutions for new brands and creative and innovative stores. transform brilliant ideas into physical products, taking consumer experiences into account and drawing inspiration from them in order to get brand launch. Its philosophy is based on finding the best and the newest of the market, collaborating with a globalized network to give life to new products. The Merchant Home they create meaningful experiences for each product

It was founded and directed in 2014 by Alexandra Sklar, a veteran merchant and product strategist. It has a broad product vision, intelligent merchandising strategy and financial growth in leading international retailers. She is a strong supporter of the craft movements and a frequent collaborator of projects that support this dynamic., they invested in the purchase of a background in fashion and home decoration, which allowed their business model to be based on the sale of clothing, accessories, beauty, accents, textiles, garden and furniture.“When a buyer picks a freshly folded sweater from a table, or adds the perfect throw pillow to their online basket, we think it matters. With a little intention and the stroke of a card, that product has become a part of your wardrobe, your home, your life.”

The team of this company wants to give you many options for buying the consumer, considering aspects such as history, manufacturer, quality and lasting appeal. In this way, they choose where, how and why they spend their money, which allows them to stay ahead of the rest through inventive product assortments and intriguing and engaging initiatives. This emerging movement is known as Slow Retail. In The Merchant Home they prefer to call it “good business”.