The Pleasure Island wins the Grand Laus

Last Friday Laus Awards celebrated the 47th edition of the awards took place at the already usual scenario, the Hub, the design museum in Barcelona, in an open air ceremony. Nanouk films, the audiovisual producer has won one of the most expected awards, of the night, the Grand Laus, with its short “The Pleasure Island”(see here). Commissioned by the performing arts festival, Temporada Alta in Girona, Spain.

Directed by Salvador Sunyer Vidal, “The Pleasure Island” is a hybrid between a short film, a spot and a video clip. The audiovisual criticises and exposes the reality of Spanish culture. Based on the lack of objectivity, reflexion and any kind of justification beyond the mere entertainment.

“The Pleasure Island” keeps the spectator attention and invites us to make a reflexion that turns around the role of art and culture involved in our society.

“One has the feeling that it is taken for granted that creativity, research or culture requiring a minimum of effort is a waste”

Albert Martínez López-Amor has done an accurate definition about the short in the annual ADG Laus book. « An essential short film for our times, that contains the “opera bufa” excess, the magic realism, the humoristic photography of Martin Parr and Txema Salvans, the Greek fatalism tragedies, the rhythm of one of Scorsese movies and many other influences that we don’t know because we still need to see more theatre. »

Scenarios, people and music are the basic elements on which the short film is based. The aesthetic treatment of each of them is simply magnificent.

Referring to the photograph, it is one of the most spectacular elements in the short. The elegance and the minacious treatment in each photographic plane its exquisite. The short film is as a sequence of pictorial scenes pictured in the XIX century, over the bases of exaggeration and dramatism in the compositions.

There are numerous references in the short, from the pop aesthetics of Koons till the realistic, critic and humoristic photography of Martin Parr, palpably in his series “The Last Resort”. In this project of Parr there are many points in common with “The Pleasure Island” that confer on the aesthetic parameters, nevertheless, they defer in the conceptual content. Martin Parr captured working class reality, he just portrayed his characters as they are. However, in the short by Nanouk Films they criticise the mass-produced culture as a leisure industry represented by working class characters.

“Culture gives power to the people and provide us with the necessary tools to construct what we are and what we will.” Salvador Sunyer Vidal.