The studio for the painter Arranz-Bravo

The studio for the painter Arranz-Bravo is conceived as an abstract space at the service of the artist, designed by the studio Garcés-De-Seta-Bonet, formed by Jordi Garcés, Daria de Seta and Anna Bonet.


The project generates a place where the artist and creativity meet. For this, solitude is necessary, avoiding the interruption even of one’s nature in the creative process. For this reason, the studio for the painter Arranz-Bravo is interpreted by the studio Garcés-De-Seta-Bonet as a monolith that tries not to interfere in naturalization and vice versa.


The two-story building is located near the painter’s house, in Vallvidrera, on the Tibidabo mountain, Barcelona. The structure is simple: a compact volume, with an abstract interior and with few views of the surroundings.


The studio for the painter Arranz-Bravo is a space created by and for creativity, within a natural space without interfering in it and without it interfering


The site is on a slope, the volume is not buried or fly over the place, it simply slides down the slope and adapts to it, maintaining itself as a resounding entity that is simply there. The construction consists of two levels with access to both from the outside.


The upper floor of the studio for the painter, is dedicated to painting, so there is no contact with the outside except for the entrance and a large skylight that illuminates the interior in a changing way, thus closing the four planes that form the roof.


The sculpture workshop and a large warehouse are located on the ground floor. This level is connected to the outside by a large window and the upper floor by a staircase with two sections on one side.


The entire interior of the studio for the painter Arranz-Bravo is a large cavity of exposed concrete with bare walls. A large container of creativity that will lead to the works of the author.



Photographs and video by Adrià Goula.