The traveling fabric, a simple design gesture with a powerful meaning

The traveling fabric was designed during the Shanghai Fashion Week. An exhibition organized by the Textile Library whose aim is to make visible the influence of textiles within the world of product development. A spatial and sensorial experience that does not lose sight of the objective; to sale, designed and carried out by Lukstudio.

The Travelling Fabric, an exhibition design by LUKSTUDIO from Christina Luk on Vimeo.

The place is wrapped in a 150m long fabric that take possession of every corner of the space. A piece of fabric that accompanies and envelops the user, guiding them through the exhibition. Little by little introduces the visitor into space, while gradually discovering the double objective; Exhibition and sale.


The traveling fabric is,scenically, a spacial experience, that invites the user to get lost in its delicate visual pleasure. 


The route of this installation crosses the building from north to south. At first a gray fabric enters into the local, pointing and entering the expository part. One step further, following columns and openings, the fabric begins to go up and down, taking a different rhythm. A way to instigate the visitors, to make them change their relation around the place, along with the lighting changes space is transformed.Through an opening, the fabric goes up to the second floor. The traveling fabric leads the user to the product test area and finally to the terrace where the experience ends. Lukstudio installs there a screen of 800 textile pieces that remember the key concept of this exhibition.The rest of the place is designed with pale and neutral color materials , the fabric stands out in a subtle and silence way. The products are placed in a thoughtful and strategic way, although without losing that sensitive touch that rests the look. A smooth balance that generates a journey of elegance and simplicity.
The visitors have a complete tour that relates the space and the design with the exhibition and the product for sale. Through a single element, we discover that design is visual communication. Lukstudio takes this concept to a higher step. The traveling fabric is spatial communication, relating the body and its senses, generating a unique experience.
Photos by Shisan Fan, Lukstudio.