The West by Cody Cobb


The particular vision of the West by Coby Cobb makes him show us a series of landscapes almost surreal. Under two of his series, ‘West’ and ‘Co-exist’, the artist shows the colorful and sometimes impossible landscape of the West of the United States.

The American photographer based in Seattle explains on his website that his intention is “to try to capture brief moments of stillness from the chaos of nature”. In the rich work on the West by Cody Cobb, we see that this intention is more than reflected.

In the work on the West by Cody Cobb, two series stand out: ‘West’ and ‘Co-exist’. While the first contains a variety of landscapes and situations, the second instead is a more interdisciplinary and imaginative one.

The series ‘West’ reflects the valuable landscape diversity of the western country of the United States. While most of his work are done in the surroundings of the city of Seattle, it is striking that just a few kilometers away from a city like that, there are such different landscapes.

On the other hand, in the ‘Co-exist’ series some sculptural elements appear in the middle of the composition, which gives them a scale that we do not really know if it is real or not. These elements are introduced into the landscape in a completely artificial way, and realized together with the artists Ezequiel Pini and Willet.

For the photographer Cody Cobb, the fact of facing the immensity of the landscapes around the city of Seattle was a challenge.

Among its different scenographies portrayed we can find from volcanic landscapes to the greenery of natural parks, with great mountains or immense and dense forests. Uniting two of his passions, photography and hiking, Cobb goes through different scenarios, discovering unique places.