The White Retreat, a place for introspection flooded with light

Colombo and Serboli Architecture Barcelona based studio has designed a seaside studio apartment located in Sitges for a French  Art historian and curator who was looking for a peaceful place for introspection, flooded with light. An open and essential space, furnished with a few objects: contemporary artworks, some books, and his records. The result is The White Retreat, an all-white interior that includes a tiled kitchen and bathroom that can be hidden away. ‘We took our client’s desire of an all-white space quite literally, to the extreme of choosing this colour for the kitchen sink and all the streamlined taps of kitchen, wash hand basin and shower are matt white.’ says the studio.

The White Retreat is an open and essential space. An all-white interior that includes a tiled kitchen and bathroom that can be hidden away
The White Retreat 01 The White Retreat 02

The White Retreat project is divided in three different blocks: bathroom and kitchenette, living and bedroom and the terrace. The first one can be hidden away behind a white sliding door and a folding  panel. The last two blocks are extremely permeable, divided by a large window and a long louvers both existing elements that where preserved .

The White Retreat 03 The White Retreat 04 The White Retreat 05 The White Retreat 06 The White Retreat 07 The White Retreat 08 The White Retreat 09 The White Retreat 21White tiled walls that contrast with dark grey grouting, white furniture, white resin floor and continuity are the main features of this project. The same tiled texture appears both in the bathroom and the kitchen unit, creating a continuos spacial sequence. Indoor and outdoor are connected as a continuous living space in The White Retreat.The terrace is unified with the interiors through the use of the continuous white resin flooring.
The White Retreat 14 The White Retreat 13 The White Retreat 12 The White Retreat 10 The White Retreat 15 The White Retreat 16 The White Retreat 17

Photography by Roberto Ruiz