“Three colors cities” a minimalistic style to represent 8 cities

Three colors cities by Nick Barclay


Today we want to introduce you the last work of Nick Barclay, art director and senior designer. Its work is characterised by following a minimalistic style, clear and smart. His last work is called “Three colors cities”, a graphic work where the designer tried to represent 8 cities of the world by using geometrical shapres and just three colours. Nick was focused in New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Sydney. For example, for New York he uses yellow because of taxi cab, while London has phone box red. Now is our turn to guess why he has used these colors and shapres to each city.

three_colors_cities2 three_colors_cities3 three_colors_cities4 three_colors_cities5 three_colors_cities6 three_colors_cities7 three_colors_cities8 three_colors_cities9