Tipi, redesign for exteriors of the Indian tent

Tipi is a new concept of exterior furniture designed and made by the Gandiablasco company. This is an original design of José A. Gandía-Blasco. This huge familiar company it was founded in 1941, and they are specialized in exterior furniture. Formed by José, Alejandra and Álvaro, they are moving between Ontinyent, Valencia and the production plant in Bocairent. With the Mediterranean philosophy, white and clean, they moved the home into the ancient factory.

They started with the production of blankets. But during the 90’s they launched Na Xemena, a collection of furniture that marked the brand since nowadays. With this ideology and history, they have made projects more interestings and contemporaries. In this case, we are showing you Tipi, but they have a large catalogue.

In this little Indian tent, inspired on the ancient tents, there is created a space and a privacy and comfort zone. It’s made from an anodised aluminium structure. The fabric is made of plastic, to protect from the weather and its changes. As the sun as the rain, the user it’s covered and protected in this space.

‘Good design speaks to everyone no matter where it comes from. Tipi is inspired by the stores of traditional Native Americans and the spirit of outdoor life’ -José A. Gandía-Blasco

On the other hand, in Tipi the floor is covered with a mattress on it, and cushions made of foam rubber polyurethane. This can be personalized, because it is found with different finishes: sand, white, emerald green,… So this way it’s given a distinctive touch inside of the preferences of the user or client.

As it is defended the company, Tipi can be considered as an extension of the nature. It is created this way an oasis in any exterior place that can be used. This is thought to be placed on the particular terraces, beaches, or lounge places of big installations. It is included also two pieces of stainless steel to anchor on the floor.

At the end, the idea is to delimitate a private space of the people that wants to be alone, or maybe they want to share it with more people. The decision is on the user, but the space is thought by Gandiablasco. A little nest where people can meet.