Top 10 apartments in Madrid

Madrid is a capital city and because of that, it brings together the most diverse public and design. For its big territory breathe the most traditional castizo and extravagant avant-garde neighborhoods. Finding an apartment in Madrid is not an easy job. Many of the most avant-garde architecture studios are based there, as well as risign youngsters who excel in global design.

 Today in More with less, we offer yousome small architectural gems, hidden in this fascinating city.


“All I own House” makes maximum use of the available space

All I own house” is the Yolanda’s house name. It is a house in the north of Madrid, very small, but it has a huge backyard. As always, all Yolanda‘s belongings will go with her wherever she goes. Under this concept, the architecture studio PKMN [Pacman] has done a versatile interior, which moves according to the needs of Yolanda. So, “All I own House“, is made up of two different spaces. A big part that is not transformed, clear of furniture, and another that is transformed through modules that are moved by rails. 




Susaloon, an all-in-one space by Elii

One space, many spaces. As if it were a theatre’s black box, this minimal apartment in Madrid turns into a versatile dispositive that transforms Susana’s living room into a little domestic theatre where she can lives in a different scenario depending on the moment. Susaloon allows domestic space to change with its inhabitant, adapting to her day to day needs.




Bathyard Home, ode to the bathroom space

Bathyard Home is a non-conventional renovation project for a 1900 ancient apartment in Madrid. Through the inclusion of a new concept of indoor-outdoor space, Husos Architects achieve to introduce sunlight and nature while reinventing and attaching particular importance to the bathroom.




Parais@, an apartment to get lost in it

Parais@ is an apartment designed to lose oneself in it. With a surface of just 50sqm, Manuel Ocaña achieve to create a bright and spacious ambiance, with blurred limits, that manages to disorient us despite its small size.




Casa H71, an art look

Casa H71 is located in Barrio de las Letras next to Paseo del Prado, a charming setting in the center of Madrid. Lucas and Hernández-Gil architects design with a nice dialogue between a home and an art gallery. The delicate works of art appear shocking in this spectacular room that surprises all the glances of the house. 




The Pop-Up House by TallerDE2 Arquitectos

POP-UP House, an experiment of TallerDE2 Arquitectos. A house in a residential building in Madrid explore the connection between a unifying cabinet sole domestic infrastructure and housing in the metropolis. The “single phenomenon” re-thought in a house for a newly emancipated user.




Wood Snake, a whole apartment in a closet

“A small apartment seems even smaller if very compartmentalised”. This was the premise followed by the Spanish architecture studio Arenas Basabe Palacios to address the project of Wood Snake. A refurbishment and transformation project of an ancient apartment located in the neighbourhood of El Retiro in Madrid.




Viriato 20 by CUAC Architecture

Together with the form light is the most essential for the creation and characterization of space. In fact Le Corbusier said that architecture is only those two things. In this renovation of a flat in Viriato 20 street in the Chamberí district of Madrid, light is not only something to take care of and to take into account but it becomes an excuse from project. Something that already seems already an accurate premise by CUAC Arquitectura, the architects of the work.




Yojigen Poketto, an apartment designed as a 4D pocket

Yojigen Poketto –literally: 4D pocket- is the magic pocket of the anime character Doraemon, from which he takes out amazing future items. And it is also now the name of the latest project developed by Spanish architecture firm elii. elii. The refurbishment of a small apartment located in Madrid which is reconfigured through removable elements and secret hatches that hide diverse functional devices.funcionales.




Restoration in Alcalá, a haven in the heart of Madrid

Restoration in Alcalá, as its name implies, is a restoration and complete refurbishment of an apartment built in 1900. Located in the vibrant city of Madrid, swiss architecture studio Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects and Abaton studio based in town, offer a pause, to the intense life of the Spanish capital.