Top 10 Architecture in Black and White

Black and white combination has always been synonymous for elegance, synthesis and minimalism.There is no better than classic for an assured successful design. The architecture in black and white brings with it a great symbolic burden. A simple, black and white design revalues the power of its architecture. The design behind this color combination is always effective. Today it is possible to say that it has transcended time and style and everything seems to indicate that it will always be a classic in design life.

Today at More With Less, we bring you a varied Top 10 architecture in Black and White that justify the prominence of this combination. We hope to inspire you in your next designs.sign life.


Alta Chalet, by the AKB studio

The Alta Chalet, located in Collingwood, Canada, is designed as a winter home to ski by the AKB studio. The house is located in a residential neighborhood, on a cul-de-sac that overlooks the landscape of snow-capped mountains.



Frederiksvej Kindergarten

The Frederiksvej Kindergarten is a project by COBE, a Danish architecture studio. The project is located in the municipality of Frederiksberg, in Copenhagen, Denmark.



London extension’s ceiling with folds, by Bureau de Change Architects

Folds is a three-storey period terrace house in North London. As the architects say, it appealed for a scheme that “would open up views to the adjoining Parkland Walk conservation area”.



Quiet black and white by Richard Bell

Quiet black and white could be a short description for this space in central London.
In this recent project by Richard Bell Architecture, the light is celebrated and the darkness indulged. The studio designed a spa and wellness space for a private house, which has been portrayed by the architectural photographer Hélène



Old Jaffa House 3, by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Old Jaffa House 3 consists of the renovation of a historic apartment in the city of Jaffa, an ancient port city located south of the urban center of Tel Aviv, Israel. This temporary home designed by the architects Pitsou Kedem, seeks to recover the original volumes of the house, enhancing the height games, unevenness and domes that cover the spaces.



House B, is a new interpretation of “the village yard” in an old settlement of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

House B is a building settlement located just over 10km from Kikinda city, in the region of Vojivodina, Serbia. This village is part of a planning program established by the old Austro-Hungarian Empire in the eighteenth century. This, are constructions characterized by a regular urban plot and an organized building tipology. The architecturel office autori, restores and reconverts one of these buildings.



The Chapel of Silence

The Chapel of Silence is located in the small town of Brescia in the region of Botticino. This chapel is created by STUDIO associates at the top of a valley, dominating the landscape. Its location, surrounded to the north, south and east by the forest and by a vineyard area to the west, contributes to the experience.



Brasserie du Bouffay by MIMA

A brasserie is a brewery. It can be both the place for production or consumption. Not so common in France these places often offer a continuous service until late at night. La Brasserie du Bouffay receives its name from its first location in Brittany in the north west of France in 1998.



Steinbach winery

This project for the rehabilitation of the Steinbach winery, the work of the Ulrike Tinnacher studio, is located in the south of Styria.



Casa Lissen by Studio Wet

Located in town of Castilleja de la Cuesta in Seville, Spain is the beautiful residence Casa Lissen by Spanish architects, Studio Wet. Completed as part of an extension for a single family house, Casa Lissen is nestled within an urban fabric that has existed for a long time.