Top 10 Latin American Architecture

If we separate our attention in Europe as the epicenter of design and look towards the other side of the Atlantic, we can appreciate a different architecture. Nowadays Latin America, appears as a strong bet that grows redefining its own architectural style. A mixture of tradition and modernity without losing its roots. Through a new use of its owns materials and colors and bringing it closer to the most contemporary design. Even so, always taking into account their adaptability to the diverse and current society lifestyle.

Today at More With Less we focus on this part of the world. we want to bring you an architecture that, although sometimes silent, it is worth starting to discover.

Maracana, transparency and opacity, glass and concrete between city and nature.

Maracana is a family dwelling located in the loudy and crowds city of Sao Paulo, financial capital of Brasil. A project that has been recognized and awarded in the last year and carried out by the local architecture studio  Terra e Tuma. A not so typical Latin American Architecture.



Casa 4.1.4. por AS/D Asociación de Diseño

Situated in the small community of Jurica Campestre, in Mexico is the weekend residence, Casa 4.1.4 by the Spanish architectural practice, AS/D Asociación de Diseño. The design of the residence aims to reinterpret the concept of a holiday home, by deconstructing its central core program into four individualized volumes. 



PH Lavalleja por CCPM Arquitectos

Located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina is the unique residence, PH Lavalleja by Argentine architects, CCPM Arquitectos. This small and narrow townhouse is settled in a small gap within a tightly packed neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.


El Palmar, Summer House in Yucatan

El Palmar Summer House, El Palmar, was designed by David Cervera a young architect. It’s a simple house, that has one bedroom, kitchen, living room and pool adding up to 90 sqm. It’s located in a lot, third-row of the Port of  Chuburna, Yucatán, México. 



Olguin House, playing with steps

When designing a private house, sometimes is very difficult to combine the compliance of regulations, the brief, the use of traditional elements and all the client’s ideas/exigences in a beautiful design. Some others, it’s just a matter of playing the trick and knowing how to do it. Olguin House is a clear and elegant example, a 135 sqm house in a traditional Gated Community in Jalisco, Mexico, designed by Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos.



House iguana, when tradition becomes timeless

House Iguana, is located in Alvarado, at the sorroundings of Veracruz, Mexico. A family dwelling, designed by the local architecture studio, Obra blanca.It is built in an area of relative natural complexity. It used to be a place with big sand dunes next to the sea. Nowadays it has a very humid climate and strong winds that generates high corrosive consecuences. These qualities have been taken into account in the design process of Casa iguana.



Casa estudio, a continuous space, by Terra e tuma

Casa estudio,is not a traditional home. It is designed by Terra e tuma Studio, and  as its name implies, it’s a space which includes, housing and workplace, within the same project. It is located in Sao paulo, Brazil; the financial capital city of the country, and one of the most populated cities in the world. A place where time tends to acelerate, boundaries are blurred and programs suffer a process of hybridity. A house that works as a bridge between traditional and contemporary Latin American Architecture.



Casa Marto responds to the paradigm of the contemporary city

Casa Marto, designed by the Adamo-Faiden studio responds to the paradigm of the contemporary city. Today we live in a context where everything implies and carries with itself a number of variants both in the users and in the activities they perform. Nothing is permanent, nor is it thought of in a static way.



 Ap Cobogó, a restoration with a personal identity

Ap Cobogó, is a small dwelling, more precisely an apartment, it is located in Sao Paulo city, the Brazil’s financial capital. The renovation of this space has been carried out by the architect  Alan Chu. The name of ap Cobogó is given by the use of ceramic blocks, characteristic from Brazilian modernity, used by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, most known referents the Latin American Architecture.



 Block house, the beauty of practicality

Block house is a summer home located in La Pedrera, 134 miles from uruguayan capital; Montevideo. In a plane zone surrounded by young eucalyptus trees that belongs to a beach resort area in the Atlantic coast, it hides a simple and cosy house, designed by Gualano + Guano architecture studio. A Latin American Architecture built at the south of the continent.