Top 10 Schools and kindergartens

The first steps of children are the most important ones, therefore the place where they develop them should be equally special. Schools and kindergartens must be places where children explore, and free all their creativity. Rooms and yards with light and color everywhere and where they can feel free to express themselves and learn.

The materiality, shapes and colors will be the main tools with which architecture and design studios have to work.

Today at More With Less we present a ranking dedicated to the smallest users. Schools and kindergartens, in which any of us would have liked to grow.


500 SQM Nursery, generosity of space

500 SQM Nursery is the refunctionalization of a large and open area. In an existing building, located on the surroundings of Berlin, a ground floor originally intended for commercial use is restored. The architectural office Jan Rösler Architekten takes as an inheritance the most remarkable elements of the previous project to reflect in its reform the essence of its initial idea.



Frederiksvej Kindergarten, youthful dreams

As the name suggests, this nursery is situated in the neighborhood of Frederiksvej in the elegant city of Copenhagen thanks to Cobe architects, Preben Skaarup, Soren Jensen and Learning Spaces that won the architecture competition in 2011. The designers pick up the pencil of a two years old child and draw the outline of a house.  The result is Frederiksvej Kindergarten, a simple exterior with an explosion of feelings inside: childhood.



The Preschool in Ouled Merzoug, vernacular and contemporary, by BC-AS

The Preschool of Ouled Merzoug in Morocco is a project by BC-AS. BC stands for Brussels Cooperation and AS for architects and studies. The studio is based in Brussels and Addis Abeba in Ethiopia. They’re work is split between a laboratory for architectural, material and social research and full architectural services for built projects; ranging from experiments with local materials to urban developments, and from innovative building processes to small scale renovations. All driven by an interest an sensitivity towards people, context and materials.



Buhl Nursery by Dominique Coulon & Associés

In the region of Alsace, France is the colorful Buhl Nursery by the Strasbourg based Dominique Coulon & Associés. Often described as a ‘lego model of a castle,” the Buhl Nursery features long volumes in bright pink, purple and red tones; and mimics the geometry of a fortified castle.



Nursery for 24 children, a small and simple urban intervention intended to renovate its sorroundings.

Nursery for 24 children is a building extension and rehabilitation for this new program. It is located in the center of Paris, in a small and narrow yard, surrounded by several different type of buildings. h2o architects designing team, gives a turno of 360 degree to this urban interstice.



Primary school in Gando, the mud architecture

Francis Kéré‘s Gando primary school has become one of the symbols of ecological architecture since its completion in 2001. It received the Aga Khan Award from Architecture in 2004, and the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture in 2009.



Learning center, Sydney, Australia

The architecture firm Andrew Burges has transformed a warehouse, into a childcare center and community center in Sydney Australia.  As the Learning center has four levels, architects had the idea of dividing interior spaces, generating smaller ones, where children could relate to certain place. Youll find wooden modules, shaped as smaller houses, gardens, playgrounds, some of only one level, others of two levels, creating a game with space. All of them together make this vertical children city where children are the main characters.



Creche Ropponmatsu, a kindergarten behind a rainbow.

Creche Ropponmatsu, is a children nursery up to the age of five. It is located in a residential neighborhood of Fukuoka City, in Japan and has been designed by the architecture studio Emmanuelle Moureaux.



The kindergarten, a place for creativity

This project, the work of the Bruno Fioretti Marquez studio, is a kindergarten located in the Quartier Cassarate, an expansion of the city of the nineteenth century, which has been consolidated in recent decades.



André Malraux School Unit in Montpellier by Dominique Coulon & Associés

As part of Montpellier’s dynamic plans for developing its urban fabric with the Mediterranean coastline, French architect, Dominique Coulon and his Strasbourg based team have recently completed the condensed, three storey, André Malrauxschool unit, that is located on a relatively small triangular plot of land.