Top 5 of Architectural Visions

Among our favorite photographic series, several stand out for their particular vision in relation to architecture. Overall, we believe that the following series that we bring you in this Top 5 of Architectural Visions manage to convey the particular photographic look of the five artists. Some capture the architecture in a more minimalist way, others on the contrary are completely scenographic.

Therefore, we bring you a new top, this time Top 5 of Architectural Visions.


Claudio Reis

The photographer Claudio Reis works in depth to give an ambiguity character to his images. In his series ‘Circus’, this is achieved through premeditatedly ambiguous architectures, creating models between the sculptural and the architectural. Color, materiality and context are defined but lacking in human or functional meaning.

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Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés

The series ‘Visions’ by Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés shows, through the different shots, a particular point of view of Dubai. It is a city in continuous development, in which skeletons of concrete and glass can be seen of buildings still under construction, between sandstorms.

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Malte Brandenburg

The photographer Malte Brandenburg presents the great photographic series ‘Stacked’, referring to the appearance of stacking floors of the Berlin housing towers. These photographs have as protagonists those buildings built for the working middle classes in post-war Berlin.

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Kimmo Metsäranta

The minimalist and refined work of Kimmo Metsäranta is represented in her series ‘Notes on a place’. Using the photo retouching, Kimmo Metsäranta eliminates the background of each capture, locating each architectural piece, each inert structure, in a kind of photographic studio.

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Laurent Kronental

The photographic series ‘Souvenir d’un Futur’ by Laurent Kronental shows the life of residents of large postmodern buildings in Paris, built during the 1970s and 1980s in the suburbs of the French capital.

Exposing these suburban areas, the photographer reveals the poetry of aging environments that are slowly disappearing; and with them, the memory of the modernist utopia to which its inhabitants give life.

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