Top 5 Architecture in Vietnam

We know a lot about the architects of Asian design, but within this big continent, today we focus in Vietnam architecture.
A little country, with a more than interesting history,  whose scars are what today give character to its new buildings. A place that concentrates as much nature as density of population, therefore its new architectonic landscape looks for the meeting point between both. Its houses combine contemporary and traditional design, always integrating nature, and the main factors of good living, light and ventilation. Architecture in Vietnam has a very clear objective; improve the quality of life of its users with the minimum economic resources.

Today at More With Less we present you this top 5 architecture in Vietnam, so that you can apriciate a small scale architecture, simple and effective and with a great future projection.


Pavilion of the Originis, a green retreat in the middle of the city

Hanoi is one of the most air polluted cities in the world. The high traffic volumes along with industrial activities have caused that, the last year, the PM2.5 particulate level recorded was seven times higher than the permissible level set by the World Health Organisation. In this context is where the Pavilion of the Origins appears. An architecture intervention aimed to house plants that will purify the air while reconciling human beings with nature.



“House for trees” to fight air pollution in Vietnam

One week ago we wrote about “The Chapel“, a community space in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, today we show you another interesting project in the same city. It calls “House for Trees” designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects, they are five concret buildings where trees grow on the roof.



Binh House by VTN Architects

As part of the House of Trees series, the Vietnamese studio Vo Trong Nghia Architects have recently completed the Binh House in Ho Chi Minh City. Featuring a series of garden spaces laid on top of multiple staggered levels, the Binh House is home to a family of three generations. The Binh House seeks to reinstate the traditional connection between architecture and nature that formerly existed in Vietnam, prior to its rapid urbanisation.



18 House, a perimeter staircase to take advantage of space in a corner of Vietnam

18 House is located in Ho Chi Minh, the most populous city in Vietnam. Located in a dead end, the  Vietnamese architecture office Khuon Studio, designs this street level house.



House in trees, use nature to balance

House in trees, is a family house located in Tơ Sơn, Bắc Ninh city, Vietnam. This is an area characterized by fast industrialization that, unable to face the consequences of its urbanization, leads to several contamination problems. The local architecture studio Nguyen Khac Phuoc Architects develops this project looking to recover the natural past of this place.