Top 5 of Contrast and Saturation

In the next Top 5 of Contrast and Saturation we show you some photographic profiles where the use of color is the most characteristic piece of their narratives. Abusing of saturation or helped by the urban landscape that surrounds them, the five photographers that we bring you next recreate scenes which sometimes seem incredible.


Alicia Peiró

Beginning our Top 5 of Contrast and Saturation, we show you the work of the Valencian photographer Alicia Peiró. In a tribute to the film director Wes Anderson, the artist makes a series based on “The Great Hotel Budapest”, aided by a characteristic framing and the abuse of pink as a base color.

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Giorgio Stefanoni

In the case of Giorgio Stefanoni, his work focuses more on highlighting the geometric compositions of common buildings through supersaturation. The composition and chromatism of different architectural scenes end up becoming their own hallmark.

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Matthias Heiderich

Continuing with this Top 5 of Contrast and Saturation, we show you the work of the German photographer  Matthias Heiderich. More focused on street photography, the artist portrays different urban scenes of the city of Berlin, where he lives. From the play of lights, contrast and saturation in his photographs, Heiderich generates a very recognizable photographic discourse of his own.

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Franco Fontana

Through the saturation of colors, the measurement of light and movement, the Italian photographer Franco Fontana manages to abstract the necessary elements to compose his captures. A classic photographer, in his series ‘Frammenti’ he highlights monochrome elements throughout the different photographs of the series.

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Rusty Wiles

Finally, we end this Top 5 of Contrast and Saturation with the self-taught photographer Rusty Wiles. This firefighter settled in Florida stands out for his compositions full of bright colors, in which he portrays different urban corners.

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