The top 5 cottages as scape from the city

forest-pond-house3Creativity needs calm and a specific state of mind that in many cases require to feel isolated. With the hectic pace of our daily life, we oftenly forget about the importance of that personal space where we can hide from the work, city or even ourself. Sometimes we create this space and it is not something physical but psychic, but ¿what if you could scape physicaly from your daily life? ¿How would it be? Our place, without doubt, would be a cottage in the woods where we could hide from the hectic pace.

In this collection you will find the top 5 cottages where we would like to scape. Cozy cottages in a forest or city, but with the same goal: to get the calm.

Forest Pond House, cottages for meditation


Forest Pond House is a cottage that flies over the water from the pond and curves following the forest path. Located in Hampshire, it was designed as a place of calm and meditation.


Brooklyn Garden Studio, an scape from the city


Brooklyn Garden Studio is the shed that everyone would want to have at home. A cottage in the backyard created as a way to scape from the city, providing a peaceful, seemingly detached oasis.


A cozy summer shed in Finland


This cottage with walls made of glass keep us out of view in the middle of the Finnish forest. A light and perfect cottage that you can move and place wherever you want just with the things we need in a summer cottage.


Writing Pavilion, designed like a place where let creativity flow

Writing Pavilion is designed to reach calm and to find creativity. A cottage  annexed to the house of an art involved couple and a couple who need a space where they could create.



The Hut on Sleds, un viaje con ruedas al horizonte

The-Hut-on-Sleds-4The Hut on Sleds, is a beautiful cottage that opens its doors with a blow wheel and dumps its charms to the landscape. A wooden box that open its doors and blends with the horizon.