Top 5 The housing problem in the big city

Nowadays big cities are collapsed, to find a decent house has become a very difficult task. That is why locals or ground floor places are being recosider and revalued, less number of meters and a greater use of space, whatever it takes to still living in the city.

This kind of problems, are the ones architecture of our time must face, to know how to design for living with what is just necessary, but also without losing basic needs; comfort, light and of course, style.

Today at More With we bring you a ranking of the most current, 10 spaces that will give you ideas and inspiration to design the homes of the future


Gowanus Loft, a modern apartment in an ancient factory of Brooklyn

Gowanus Loft take its name from the neighbourhood in which it is located; a typically industrial area set at the east part of Brooklyn. A neighbourhood that, due to the increase in unused industrial buildings over the last few years, is experimenting a great transformation. With the closure of the ancient factories has led to a new scope of action for architects to refurbish these industrial architectures and turn them into modern apartments and facilities.



Vivienda en Azeitão

This project carried out by Aires Mateus, is an example of rehabilitation with a new housing program to be introduced in an old winery located in Azeitão, Portugal.



Loft Szczecin, a second life for a marmalade factory

Loft Szczecin,is located precisely in Szczecin, on the northwest coast of Poland, it used to work as a Marmalade factory until the beginning of World War II. The Loft Szczecin study carried out its reform. One of this old building zones has been reconstructed as an apartment. divided into four areas (room, bathroom, office and livingroom with kitchenette), which are organized by the main façade generating an open space around a longitudinal axis.




Two houses in Oropesa. How to give a new use and meaning to historical architecture.

Two houses in Oropesa, is located in Oropesa town, in Toledo, Spain. A rehabilitation and restoration project carried out by ParedesPedrosa architecture studio.




Doehler, a cozy loft in Brooklyn

SABO project has made a renovation of a Brooklyn loft located in a former die casting factory built in 1913 called Doehler. After a 1980’s residential conversion, all concrete columns and ceilings were concealed. Now architects decided to reveal the authenticity, showing its materials and expanding the space as good as possible.