Top 5 of Abandoned Places

There are photographic series with which it is inevitable to be overwhelmed. Undoubtedly some examples of this are those that convey the disturbing aesthetics of abandonment.

For this reason, we bring you five samples in the Top 5 of Abandoned Places, where through the five artists and their series we show you five looks towards the discovery of this beauty that shows the ruin.


Berta Vicente

First of all, we bring you the serenity, security and strength with which the photographer  Berta Vicente is able to tell stories. With each capture, in this case through the photographic series entitled “Urquinaona 2”, it transports us to a world of reverie.

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Ignacio Bandera


Ignacio Bandera is a Chilean photographer based in Berlin. In his captures, he manages to transmit the aesthetics of socialist Berlin in an exceptional way. Sober and simple scenographies, where he takes advantage of a disturbing postmodern aesthetic that captivated us when making this Top 5 of Abandoned Places.

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Salva López

The use by photographer Salva López  of light and pastel colors shows us scenes and landscapes that are bucolic and beautiful at the same time. In the article about his photographic series ‘La costa gris’, he takes us to the cold landscape of the Mediterranean coast in the abandonment he suffers outside the summer season.

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Julio Jimenez Corral

Following with the Top 5 of Abandoned Places we show you below Julio Jimenez Corral. In his series “Less than zero”, he proposes a moment of reflection about the void, portraying the decadence of places that are in decline. The author captures the abandonment of what is no longer useful for consumption, the inert elements being the true protagonists of this work.

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Fabien Fourcaud


Finally, an example where they portray the abandonment, loneliness and empty spaces hardly imaginable inhabited. In the work of the photographer Fabien Fourcaud, the absence of life in the areas destined for summer tourism is the leitmotiv of the photographic series ‘Hors saison’.

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