Top 5 of Game of Scales

In this Top 5 of Game of Scales we want to show you the work of five very diverse photographers, but who in their work play with the scale of the landscape and the city, the architecture and the territory. Artists use visual games, focus or post-production to play with the scale of the elements portrayed and the perception of the viewer.


 ‘On his own’ – Pawel Franik

To start with this Top 5 of Game of Scales, we show you the work of photographer Pawel Franik. In his series ‘On his own’ each photograph shows a different protagonist, located in a space very different from the previous one, but with a common denominator: the feeling of loneliness and complete calmness. The portrayed individuals over-scale the landscape of Franik’s captures.

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 ‘Land of Nothingness’ – Maroesjka Lavigne

Next, we show you the photographer Maroesjka Lavigne, from the hand of her series ‘Land of Nothingness’. In it, she recounts a journey through time and color. The vast immensity and the roundness of the landscape of Namibia contrast with the softness of the tones that color it, generating a hard but smiling aesthetic.

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‘Visual Urbanism’ – Konrad Langer

Continuing with the Top 5 of Game of Scales, we bring you the photographer Konrad Langer. He catches us in its ability to capture everyday scenes of architectural and street themes. Known with the pseudonym of Konaction in social networks, the self-taught photographer based in Berlin also dazzles with the exquisite treatment of color and composition that he provides to each snapshot.

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‘A Form of View’ – Yoav Friedländer

The particular case of ‘A Form of View’ by Yoav Friedländer, exposes a series of exterior and interior landscapes, real and manufactured. The reals are products of his experiences, while the latter are those that somehow he wants to go back to. In this way, the photographer builds a series of situations to scale to be able to portray later.

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Sasha Vithin’s Minimalism

To finish with our Top 5 of Game of Scales, we show you the work of the Russian photographer Sasha Vithin.  With a careful minimalist vision when making the captures, the delicacy with which he prepares each shot, with vanishing points chosen in detail, reflect the laboriousness of his work. An example of how to get more with less, playing with the scale of the landscape portrayed and the viewer’s perception.

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