Top 5 of Minimalist Instagrammers

With their own photographic vocabularies in their compositions, the protagonists of the next Top 5 of Instagrammers Minimalistas win us by simplifying the way to generate unique visual games. With different approaches, from everyday objects or small scenes to landscapes, through architectural elements, the five photographers that we bring you below are clear examples of expressing more with less.

Weerayu Kongthed – @wejude

Weerayu Kongthed, known as @wejude in instagram, is a graphic designer from Thailand. With your camera, capture those buildings that impress you in your day to day. His amateur photography in black and white, full of intuition, has surprised, at the same time, thousands of users in the popular social network.

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Sasha Vithin – @sasha_vithin

Sasha Vithin, @sasha_vithin in instagram,  is a young Russian who is more than an architecture student and an amateur photographer. Through his snapshots, he offers us his personal view on the architectural geometries through the minimum of possible elements. In his search for frames, he manages to find clean details and minimalist buildings that he traverses.

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Sotiris Bougas – @sotirisbougas

The photography of Sotiris Bougas – @sotirisbougas in instagram –  is his particular expression of a look at reality. As if he used a filter, in his photographs the insubstantial is eliminated; Bougas does not try to find a scenario that represents simplicity, but instead finds it in any aspect and object of everyday life.

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Ignacio Bandera – @ibandera

Ignacio Bandera (@ibandera) is a Chilean photographer based in Berlin. In its captures it manages to transmit in an exceptional way the peculiarity of some locations of socialist and industrial aesthetics. Sober and simple architectures are captured, taking advantage of a disturbing postmodern aesthetic that captivated us when making this Top 5 of Minimalist Instagrammers.

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Salva López – @salvalopez

The use by the photographer Salva López – @salvalopez – of light and pastel colors shows us in its profile scenic and bucolic landscapes and beautiful at the same time. In the article about his photographic series ‘the gray coast’, he transports us to the cold landscape of the Mediterranean coast from out of season.

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