Top 5 of Minimalist Portraits

Through the following Top 5 of Minimalist Portraits we discover a series of artists that use this photographic genre. Although the work of the five photographers does not focus exclusively on the portrait, this resource makes their work have an additional delicacy.

Laurent Kronental

We started the Top 5 of Minimalist Portraits with the photographic series ‘Souvenir d’un Futur’ by photographer Laurent Kronental. The artist shows the life of residents of large postmodern buildings in Paris, in the districts of Noisy-le-Grand and La Défense. These residential complexes or ‘Grandes Ensembles’ were built during the 1970s and 1980s in the suburbs of the French capital. 

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Helen Sobiralski

In the work of photographer Helen Sobiralski, it is possible to create the same body through the union of different actors. The objective is to see how the bodies come together and interact with each other, united by nylon stockings, and play with the lights and shadows of the resulting entity. The limited movements, the play of colors, and the nostalgic aspect in each portrait, create different sensations in the viewer.

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Jennifer Medina

Continuing with the Top 5 of Minimalist Portraits, we show you the work of the Venezuelan artist Jennifer Medina. Through a kind of diary, the author accumulates her captures in a visual language where a certain touch of everydayness and transience can be appreciated.

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Alicia Peiró

In the work of the Valencian artist Alicia Peiró, no element has been chosen at random. Her particular tribute to the film “The Great Hotel Budapest” seeks the perfection in each capture. Considering Anderson’s recurrent perfectionism, Peiró’s portraits suppose a beautiful and saturated admiration for the director.

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Mária Švarbová

Finally, we want to finish the Top 5 of Minimalist Portraits with the genius of the artist Mária Švarbová. In her series ‘Human Space’, the models that star in the series give a different atmosphere and personality to each photograph. The game and the aesthetic that the author applies in the photo retouching produce a fantasy, unreal environment.

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