Top 5 of Photographic Reflections

In this Top 5 of Photographic Reflections we show you five artists who have a delicate way of using light in their work. Through these two properties, we include different photographic views from the fundamental piece of photography: light.


With different approaches ranging from portrait to architecture, the photographers that we present below are driven in these properties to stand out from the geometry of space to the color of the elements that make up the scene.


 Marietta Varga

To start with the Top 5 of Photographic Reflections we show you the Hungarian photographer Marietta Varga.  In her series ‘m m’, light is one of the key elements of the stage design, helping to create the charged and dramatic atmosphere with which to express herself.

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Nina Band


We continue with the artist Nina Band, who in her work “Pensive Dimensions” creates some compositions parallel to the photographs where she decomposes color and geometry of the scenes. Her work creates an abstract vision of architecture, where the artist manages to focus attention on details.

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Raul Guillermo

Continuing with our Top 5 of Photographic Reflections we bring you the photographic series ‘Paris grandiose’ by Raul Guillermo. In it, the artist shows us a different face of the City of Light, where each snapshot manages to reflect the color of the objects in a way that attracts our view from the first moment.

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Coby Cobb

The particular vision in the West of Coby Cobb makes it show us a series of landscapes almost surreal. From volcanic landscapes to the greenery of natural parks, with great mountains or immense and dense forests, the work of Cobb stands out for the delicacy in the use of light.

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Giorgio Stefanoni

Finally, in this Top 5 of Photographic Reflections we show you the work of Giorgio Stefanoni. Art director and photographer, captures in his work the strength of pure geometries and color, reflected from the surfaces of different buildings.

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