Top 5 of Photographic Symmetries

In this new Top 5 of Photographic Symmetries, we show you five artists who play with symmetry in their photographic work. From different photographic views, ranging from the portrait or detail to architecture or even landscape, the artists that we bring here manage to compose fun and interesting frames, generating symmetries more or less perceptible to the naked eye.

Through their different works, we find situations where the photographers know how to capture that existing symmetry, while in other cases it is the artificial composition of objects in space that generates that perception.


Ernesto Sampons


To start with our Top 5 of Photographic Symmetries, we want to recover this article about the Valencian artist Ernesto Sampons. His work is characterized by the particular use of lighting and color, where different shades of blue serve as a personal seal.

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Konrad Langer 

Better known by the pseudonym of Konaction,this German photographer catches us in his ability to capture everyday scenes. His work focuses mainly on capturing symmetrical architectural and street scenes in a way that radiates daily life. Langer, a self-taught photographer, is also characterized by working with a consistent and homogeneous content.

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Berta Vicente

Following the Top 5 of Photo Symmetries we want to show you the work of the Catalan photographer Berta Vicente. In her series ‘Urquinaona 2’, the chiaroscuro and set design make up a beautiful panorama that the artist takes advantage of. The ruin gives way to spatial symmetry, where the deterioration that surrounds the protagonist happens to be a supporting actor.

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Mária Švarbová 

The artist Mária Švarbová  is characterized by her symmetrical compositions with fantastic aesthetics, and the use of pastel tones. In her work, this Slovak photographer offers the viewer the feeling of being immersed in a parallel universe, different from the real one, but at the same time familiar.

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Salva López

Finally, we want to finish our Top 5 of Photographic Symmetries with the photographer Salva López, who shows us a melancholic vision of winter on the Mediterranean coast. Through his series ‘La costa gris’, the artist exposes the other side of seasonal tourism, where urban and landscape elements take main role.

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