Top 5 of Urban Photography

This week we suggest a walk through a handful of cities. Among our photographic series, many portray urban scenes, from Paris to Tokyo, through Berlin or Hong Kong.

Although the street photography includes countless artists, the following series that reach this Top 5 get transported to the moment of the capture of the different scenes.

Therefore, we bring you a new ranking, this time Top 5 of Urban Photography.


Raúl Guillermo 

The first stop of our Top 5 of Urban Photography will be Paris.

With the series Paris grandiose by Raul Guillermo, the artist shows an absolute control of the composition, transmitting a careful atmosphere in his captures. The apparent ephemeral and casual appearance that is conveyed in these scenes reflects a particular, sometimes disheveled face of the monumental Paris.

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Michael Wolf

The famous photographer Michael Wolf portrays the crowding of different users of the Tokyo subway, under the name of ‘Tokyo compression’. Through this series we get the anguish that comes to live on public transport in the Japanese capital at peak time.

To learn more about the work of this magnificent street photographer, we leave you below the link to another of his best-known series, ‘Architecture of Density’.

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Ignacio Bandera

Ignacio Bandera, Chilean photographer settled in Berlin, manages to convey the peculiarity of the various locations, sober and simple architectures, taking advantage of its postmodern aesthetic. The reflection of these postindustrial plots, with the sensation of being semi-abandoned, gives us a feeling of nostalgia as if each photograph were a temporary capsule.

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Mario Pucic

Continuing with the Top 5 of Urban Photography, we bring you next a very unique trip. Croatian photographer
 Mario Pucic proposes portraying pieces as diverse as street furniture, vehicles or gas stations. The artist turns these elements into the protagonists of his work, in order to bring them the notoriety of which, due to their functional condition or apparent aesthetic lack, they have never enjoyed.

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Chan Dick

Finally, we propose a series as minimalist as fun. From the bathroom window of his studio, the Chinese photographer Chan Dick has captured the day to day life of the Chai Wan fire station in Hong Kong. In this way, the photographer has been able to portray from physical training, the washing of trucks, school visits to the fire station and even an impromptu volleyball game.

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