Top 5 of Photographic Perspectives

In the following Top5 of Photographic Perspectives, we bring you a diverse group of creative people, working in a range of fields from architecture to web content.

These five artists manage to simplify, through careful vanishing points in their compositions, the way to generate unique visual games. Each in its own way, the five photographers that we bring you below are clear examples of how to express More with Less.

Irini Giotopoulou

To start this Top 5 of Photographic Perspectives we bring you to Irini Giotopoulou. Irini is a Greek architect and photographer, all passionate about simple and clean forms, photographic perspective and composition. Proof of this is his broad example of architectural photography. If you want to know more, we leave you an interview where he tells us more about his work.

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Matthieu Venot

Matthieu Venot is a French photographer who in his work composes a careful game of perspectives. In them, it portrays buildings and urban landscapes, where, thanks to the reflections of the glass and the sun, optical effects are created that bring a certain special tone to the work.

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 Laurent Kronental 

Coming up next we bring you the photographer Laurent Kronental. In his series ‘Souvenir d’un Futur’ he managed to create the atmosphere of a parallel world, showing the neighborhoods of the Parisian periphery with the appearance of a metropolis emptied of its residents. A magnificent and ghostly world, where perspective helps create the feeling that titanic structures engulf the human.

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Giorgio Stefanoni

Our next artist in the Top 5 is Giorgio Stefanoni, a young Italian art director, digital designer and photographer based in Milan. His photographs show a unique sinteticidad, portraying pure geometries and helped by the strong presence of color.

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Sasha Vithin 


The Russian photographer Sasha Vithin  has a careful minimalist vision when making the captures. The delicacy with which he prepares each shot, with vanishing points chosen in detail, reflects the laboriousness of his work. An example of how to get More with Less, to finish this Top 5 of Photographic Perspectives. 

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